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About Turf Team Lawn Care

Turf Team Lawn Care (formerly Mow Dayton) was officially founded in 2014 by Tony Hanks but the real story starts in 2005.  

Tony’s father taught him how to use a push mower when he was 10 years old.  Throughout his youth and teenage years, he would help his father maintain about 20 lawn service clients for his father’s side business.

Tony’s lawn care dream started as a way to provide more for his newly started family.  Utilizing his childhood experiences taught by his father, Tony made some simple flyers offering lawn mowing and hung them on his neighbor’s doors.   Sure enough, he got his first client in the summer of 2004.  Using his hand-me-down, 20 year old push mower, a string trimmer, and a hand held blower, he loaded his equipment into his wife’s old Ford Explorer and finished the year with 4 mowing clients.

As each year progressed, Tony would gain more clients and upgrade his equipment.  Little by little he grew his business…bought his first truck, up to 10 clients, purchased his first commercial mower, up to 25 clients, purchased a trailer, up to 40 clients, hired a part time team member, up to 60 clients. By 2014 Tony was working full time as a customer service manager at a local manufacturer and continued working part time, providing lawn mowing and landscaping after work and on the weekends to over 70 clients.  

It was in 2014 when everything changed.  Tony was laid off from his job of almost 10 years.  He was at a crossroads, find a new job or try to grow his lawn care business.  After much discussions with his wife and family the decision was made to become an entrepreneur full time, and grow the lawn care business. 

Each year brought new and exciting obstacles like moving the business from his garage, to a storage unit, to an industrial building; hiring the first team members to having multiple crews; growing from 70 clients to over 350 clients.

Today, as Turf Team Lawn Care continues to grow, we will always strive to give homeowners the best looking lawns on the block.

Our Mission

Turf Team Lawn Care truly wants to make a difference for you as a client. Whether you just want the best lawn on the block or just don’t want to cut your own grass, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our mission is to:

Create overly satisfied customers with extraordinary service through team quality and integrity, while beautifying the community.

We promise to provide extraordinary service and value to your lawn and landscape. We want you to be so delighted by our service that you can’t help but tell all of your neighors, friends, and family. We would love the opportunity to prove it to you.