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Guaranteed Lawn Service in Kettering

Enjoy a well manicured lawn that’s green and lush, all without having to lift a finger.  Turf Team Lawn Care will take care of the hard work for you, giving you guaranteed results. Don’t waste anymore of your time working on your lawn.  We’ve got you covered.
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No Contracts Necessary

We offer the best services in Kettering at an affordable price. Our no-contract approach allows us to focus on you and your property, not paperwork.

Reliable and Quality Service

Our clients have referred to our schedule as "like clock work". Once our spring schedule is made, you can expect us to be there as scheduled for every service.

Money-Back Guarantee

At Turf Team Lawn Care, we stand behind our services. If you’re not 100% satisfied after our visit, let us know. If we still can't fix it, we’ll give you your money back!

Duane J.

After observing for a year the lawn care service they provided to a neighbor's property, in April 2017 I contracted with Turf Team for residential (front & back yard) lawn care service. My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the service provided by Turf Team. Tony and Kevin are professional, thorough, and personable in the service they provide and at a very reasonable price. Lawn cutting, edging (to include flower beds, fence lines, pool deck, patio, driveway & walkway), and clean up; their total service is first-class! I highly recommend the lawn care service of Turf Team.

Take Back Your Schedule

How long does it really take to maintain your lawn?  Let’s break it down:

    • 15 minutes of procrastination 🙂
    • 5 minutes to get your “mowing attire” assembled and on
    • 5 minutes to get the mower, fill it up with gas, and start it
    • 30-60 minutes of actual mowing time
    • 20 minutes of string trimming, including filling with 2-cycle gas
    • 15 minutes of edging, including filling with 2-cycle gas
    • 15 minutes of cleaning grass from the sidewalk, patios, flower beds, etc…

That puts you at about 1.5-2 hours every week, just to mow the lawn.  This doesn’t include filling up gas cans at the gas station (not to mention stinking up the car with the gas smell), sharpening your mower blade, changing the oil and air filter on the mower, refilling the trimmer with trimmer string, changing out the blade on the edger, finding 2 cycle oil for your handheld equipment, cleaning yourself after the 2 hour experience…the list goes on and on.  Oh, and guess what….for some reason your mower won’t start today….

Save yourself from the stress and burden of maintaining your lawn.  Sign up for service with Turf Team Lawn Care. 

Easy, Reliable Lawn Care Without a Contract

Whether it’s weekly lawn service, fertilization and weed control, mosquito control, or just a simple one time mow while you are on vacation, with our no-contract options, it’s never been more convenient to get the service in Kettering you deserve. Plus, you don’t even have to wait for an estimate.  You can get your price NOW!  No phone calls, no emails, no waiting….Get Your Estimate NOW!

Guaranteed Lawn Care in Kettering

We want you to be totally satisfied with our service. Our team is equipped with a 14 point checklist to make sure your property looks it’s best before we leave. If for any reason you aren’t happy, just let us know within 24 hours of the service and we will come back to fix it. If we still don’t get it right, you owe us nothing. It’s my personal guarantee that you will love our service, or you won’t pay a single cent.

Mosquito Control in Kettering

Are you tired of trying to enjoy dinner on your patio, only to become dinner to annoying mosquitos?  Look no further than our mosquito control in Kettering! We use products that are proven to dramatically reduce the number of mosquitoes on your property, protecting you from their irritating bites and potential diseases like malaria West Nile virus. 

When you choose our mosquito control in Kettering, we will:

    • Inspect your property, looking for mosquito breeding areas and hideouts.
    • Perform targeted treatments to eliminate mosquitoes upon contact.
    • Return throughout mosquito season for regular visits, keeping you protected.
    • Share expert advice on ways to keep mosquitoes out of your lawn.
    • Give you exceptional customer service and reliability – your satisfaction is GUARANTEED!


Save Money On Lawn Care!

Exceptional lawn care services don’t have to be expensive. Check out our exclusive offers to find one that works for you!

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