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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Pending weather, your property will be scheduled for the same day each week. This allows for consistent growth patterns in the lawn and allows you to set your irrigation system for days we are not on your property.

Weather delays are very common in the lawn care industry. Mother Nature can be unpredictable at times and we do our best to work around the circumstances. However, in the event of a weather delay, the whole week gets pushed back a full day. For instance, if we are supposed to service your property on a Tuesday, it rains, we will then service the Tuesday schedule on Wednesday and so on for the remainder of the week. We will then get back on track the following week.

Absolutely not.  Our philosophy is, if we show up when we say we are going to, if we do what we say we are going to do, if we do extraordinary work, there should be no reason to ever want to cancel service with us. With Turf Team Lawn Care, you pay as you go, and you can cancel for any reason, at any time.

We require you put a credit card on file with us. Your card will be billed the day after we provide service. Turf Team Lawn Care takes security seriously. The Turf Team Lawn Care website is secured with a web server certificate Transactions on the site are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. All credit cards are encrypted and stored on a secure server maintained by our credit card merchant and follows all guidelines set by PCI Security Council. You can rest assured knowing that your data is safe and PCI compliant.

You do not need to be home for us to service your property, though if you are home, please feel free to say hello to us.  We always enjoy meeting our clients!

We try to make it as simple as possible, so once you have signed up for service we consider you a customer from season to season until you cancel.  

We calculate the square footage of your lot as determined by online databases or your local county’s website (Montgomery, Greene, or Warren) before any improvements. In the event of missing data from the county website we will either utilize other online tools or software to measure the total square feet or will do a quote in person at the actual property. Rates quoted do not include sales tax. Sales tax will be added to your billed rate based on your municipalities tax rate.

All estimates assume average terrain and landscaping.  In less than 1% of instances we may need to adjust the estimate based on properties that are not considered average.  You will be informed of any adjustments before any services are provided.

Our Mission

Turf Team Lawn Care truly wants to make a difference for you as a client. Whether you just want the best lawn on the block or just don’t want to cut your own grass, our goal is to exceed your expectations. Our mission is to:

Create overly satisfied customers with extraordinary service through team quality and integrity, while beautifying the community.

We promise to provide extraordinary service and value to your lawn and landscape. We want you to be so delighted by our service that you can’t help but tell all of your neighors, friends, and family. We would love the opportunity to prove it to you.